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This portfolio was curated in April 2022 to complete the application requirements for the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute's diploma program. The pieces are presented in chronological order and some have links to accompanying media. To see expanded versions of the images click on the gallery below:

Voyager Number 2 (August 2021-March 2022, Victoria BC)

Oil pigment on wood board. 12x16cm.

Zigurds' Crossing (2021, Victoria BC)

Oil pigment on canvas. 11x14in.

La Rueda (November 2020-May 2021, Victoria BC)

Multimedia on wood board. 12x12in. Accompanying poem here

Soulmerge (March-April 2020, Ottawa ON)

Acrylic, oil pigment and china marker on raw unstretched canvas. 36x48in.

The Magic Monastery (March 2020, Ottawa ON)

Watercolour on hot press. Image taken from sketchbook.

I Feel It Coming (January 2020, Ottawa ON)

Acrylic and acrylic gouache on paper. Image taken from sketchbook.

Quiero Volver (December 2019, Victoria BC)

Watercolour on sketchbook paper. Image taken from sketchbook.

Sacrament (September-November 2019, Ottawa ON)

Acrylic, oil and oil pigment on mounted canvas. 3x1.7 ft. Process video here

Reciprocidad (July-August 2019, Cusco Peru)

Acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas. 20x25cm.

La Montaña (June 2019, Lima Peru)

Acrylic on stretched canvas. 51x61cm.

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