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astrological consultations

I've been practicing astrology since 2015 and have been offering natal chart readings since 2019.

My interest in astrology began as a curiosity, but I soon found I had a love and aptitude for it. Until I enrolled in Ray Couture's year-long Transpersonal Astrology Study Group in early 2020, my learning had been entirely autodidactic. My personal interests in astrological studies include chakra planetary rulerships; asteroid characteristics; Plutonian cycles; the Sabian Symbols; medical astrology; and the role of culture/emergence from colonial identity and kinship. 

The applied ethics of astrology are central to my practice. Your natal chart is a map to your being and becoming. It's important to me that the interaction between astrologer and client be grounded in care, consideration, and a higher intention.

Providing affirmation, guidance, and clarity that is relevant to you and where you're at is my touch stone throughout the consultation. It's my job to discern what you may benefit from discussing, and how to best communicate this to you--something along the lines of therapy or chaplaincy. For me, the experience of reading a chart is comparable to channeling and other forms of intuitive healing work. My approach combines technical knowledge, intuition, and communication. Transpersonal and Evolutionary methods allow me to see in your chart in a way that empowers you!​


My life can be split into two sections - before and after Paloma read my natal chart. Before, I felt bitter about struggling through an existence I didn’t choose, about all the pain and trauma I’ve experienced. When our call ended, I felt overwhelming relief, an understanding that I’m on the right path, and always have been. In an hour, Paloma gave me the gifts of acceptance, confidence, and excitement.

Paloma has an intuitive understanding of our universe, and the ability to connect with the energy of the person she is reading, even over the internet. She described known parts of myself with spooky accuracy, as well as enlightening me to aspects of my self I had never consciously realized. Everything she told me about myself rang truer than true, from my difficulty with casual relationships (a revelation) to my powerful eyebrows (news to no one).

Everything makes sense now, and I am so thrilled to be alive, to be myself. I can’t speak highly enough about Paloma and the insight she provides.


Paloma was my first true experience with a Birth Chart Reader and the only one I choose to use to this day. She is professional yet laid back and easy to talk to, which are qualities I really appreciated as the reading can get quite personal. Her knowledge and passion for the science of astrology is not only impressive, but validating. I recommend Paloma to all of my peers and will continue to do so as she continues to learn and grow in her craft.


I was kind of nervous about what to expect going in, but Paloma made me feel immediately at ease. She's very personable, well-spoken and emotionally intelligent. It was both a fun and valuable experience. I think everyone can benefit from getting to know themselves better, and my reading helped, and continues to help me reflect on my strengths, weaknesses, passions and goals. I highly recommend having your chart read by Paloma!


I really enjoyed my birth chart reading with Paloma. She is very informative about my chart and breaking everything down in a way that I could understand. She was also able to validate some of the events that have happened in my life, emotions that I feel and my relationship with other people. I was also able to learn new things about my chart that have helped me become more clear about the way I choose to move through life. My birth chart reading helped answer a lot of why question about myself and my life. I have enjoyed  re-listening to my reading as reminders  about living my authentic self.


​​Paloma is very insightful and kind. I enjoyed every minute of the reading and didn't want it to end! Her approach was comprehensive and informative. I'd highly recommend to anyone interested because it's absolutely worth it. Thanks Paloma! 


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