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I was born (1998) and raised on Vancouver Island, in the Fernwood neighbourhood of Victoria (Lək̓ʷəŋən territory), with endless ocean, ancient forests, and mountains surrounding me. Home for me is also found in Cusco Peru (where I lived from 2016-2017) and in Ottawa, ON, where I attended Carleton University. I lived there until the end of 2020 when I moved back to Vancouver Island. Currently, I am located in Nelson, BC where I am in my first year of schooling at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. The transient nature of my life is significant to me; you may note that each of my pieces will have the location of its conception in the description. 


Over my many years of practicing art, I have become well oriented in various mediums, and often combine them in my work. Being an autodidactic learner, much of this learning process has been independent (although there have been some key mentors along the way).


For me, the creative process is one of emotional discernment. My internal search for order and beauty is reflected in the composition and in the additive nature of my practice. This discernment-based approach also informs the thematic content of my work: questions of identity, religiosity, spirituality, transformation, connection and ironies are constants. However, in the past two years, my approach has transitioned from being largely representational storytelling to having a more abstract, conceptual groundwork.

In addition to personal experience and intimate curiosities, my work is informed by ideas and theory, much of which I have been exposed to through my academic careerIn 2021 I graduated with an Honours Bachelor in Global and International Studies and a specialization in Globalization, Culture and Power (Anthropology). My present disciplining in Art Therapy is something of a meeting between my art practice and my dedication to knowledge and research.

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